Fancy Colored Diamonds Natureal Collection

Colored diamonds add an air of refinement to jewelry. World-renowned designer Uneek Jewelry explores the beauty of the fancy colored diamonds in their stunning Natureal Collection. The signature collection boasts show-stopping pieces that are perfect for any occasion. From delicate earrings to eye-catching engagement rings that exude a royal flair, Natureal Collection jewelry is teeming with miniature works of art.  Uneek is best known for their amazing hand-crafted one-of-a-kind unique engagement rings featuring fancy colored center stones. 

Uneek has built their reputation by creating distinctive jewelry that are worthy of the company’s moniker, and the Natureal Collection is their masterwork. The line is an exercise in the myriad of ways colored jewels and precious metals can be blended to create pieces that are as individual as the woman you love. Fancy colored pink, yellow and purple diamonds are combined with colorless diamonds to produce shimmering pieces that have a striking contrast. The stones are set in platinum and white or rose gold, as well as on blended bands that combine precious metals of different colors.

Engagement and wedding rings in the Natureal Collection are masterworks that symbolize the unique love you share. The rings have a vintage-style and modern sophistication that is all their own, due to the extraordinary use of color and varying design accents. All of the engagement rings’ single or split-shank bands are offered with a choice of fancy colored, colorless or mixed colored diamonds.

Uneek’s Natureal Collection

Uneek’s Natureal Collection re-imagines the halo engagement ring by using cutting-edge designs. Bezel-set fancy colored center diamonds, main stones encircled with multiple halos, raised halos encased in intricate rose gold, and unique center diamond cuts are just a few of the extraordinary design touches found on the rings. Three-stone rings are modernized by updating the design with accents that range from the subdued to the ornate. The triple-stone stunners are offered with a choice of matching or alternating diamond colors. Some rings are set with different diamond cuts and sizes, which are encased in halos of shimmering diamonds.

By comparison, wedding bands in the collection have a more understated appeal. Wedding rings are offered in a choice of platinum, white or rose gold, and are fully encircled by single or multiple rows of small diamonds.

Natureal Collection fashion jewelry will add a sophisticated color splash to any outfit. Earrings in the collection maximize sparkle by mixing diamond colors and settings on ornate chandelier earrings that feature distinctive touches such as hexagonal, heart-shaped or trapezoid diamonds, multi-colored halos, and small bezel-set stones.

Diamond necklaces in the collection are reminiscent of royal jewelry as they feature hanging pendants with oversized colored diamonds surrounded by shimmering halos. Natureal Collection bracelets are ornate beauties with alternating diamond colors and shapes that will stand out on her wrist.

The Natureal Collection contains radiant jewelry that will suit any taste. When you look at the craftsmanship on these beauties, it will be apparent that her one-of-a-kind piece was designed by Uneek.

Designer Engagment Rings Are Superior

The Royals and Hollywood starlets prefer designer engagement rings due to their uniqueness and exceptional quality.  Designer engagement rings are made from the finest materials, feature intricate designs, and are tailored to suit your bride-to-be’s taste and style.  Barclay’s Jewelers in Miami offers an extensive selection of engagement rings from the world’s top designers.

From shimmering, conflict-free diamonds to white gold or platinum precious metal bands, designer engagement rings are fashioned from the finest raw materials on the market.  The use of quality materials is important because it ensures that the ring will last a lifetime if properly cared for.  Designer engagement rings feature high-quality diamonds with exceptional color, clarity and cut.  The diamonds shimmer beautifully and feature distinct stone shapes that are sure to garner attention.  Designer engagement rings are also offered in several choices of precious metals, ranging from the most expensive, platinum, to 18K yellow gold or white gold, which are less pricey.

Renowned jewelry designers such as Tacori and Verragio are known for giving their engagement rings distinct touches that stand above the crowd.  Tacori engagement rings are known for their ability to fuse classic designs with modern styles to create pieces that are highly recognizable.  Tacori’s rings complement the modern woman with an appreciation for vintage accents.  The inventory of Tacori rings at Barclay’s contains contemporary and heirloom options with solitaire or three-stone settings, and 18K white gold bands.

Verragio engagement rings are renowned for their old-world charm.  The engagement rings feature the company’s “Lumino Setting,” where the center diamond appears to hover above the band.  Rings with the Lumino Setting sparkle beautifully since all facets of the diamond are exposed to light.  The selection of Verragio rings at Barclay’s contains solitaire or three-stone settings, as well as polished metal bands and lined channel, prong or pave-set diamonds.

Your love is one-of-a-kind; therefore, the engagement ring should reflect her individuality and the unique bond you share.  Standard engagement rings follow a one-size-fits-all design style that is far too common. On the other hand, designer engagement rings give you the flexibility to create a ring with eye-catching allure.  The rings are made with a variety of settings, which increases the center stone options.   Additionally, if you want to add distinct touches like fancy colored diamonds, there are several options that will fit the bill.  Designer engagement rings also feature intricate designs along the band, such as interlocking diamonds and scroll pattern hand engraving.

Barclays Jewelers is an authorized retailer of Tacori and Verragio engagement rings in Miami, Florida.  Visit our showroom and speak with one of our experts to find an engagement ring she will cherish forever.